About us

We are small, local business with big dreams and great ambitions. We know how relaxing a tidy, organized and uncluttered space can be so we decided to help our neighbors and local communities to experience this same simple pleasure. It has been said that living in a cluttered environment can raise stress levels and stress is a contributing factor to a large number of illnesses, both mental and physical. Let's work together to make our personal spaces as stress free, uncluttered,and beautiful  as possible. One family at a time can eventually change our entire community!

A little about myself 

Hello, I'm Alexis! I am a husband and father of four daughters. With having a large family I understand how often we needed to get rid of excess things a.k.a. Junk. It would seem like overnight we had bags of clothes that didn't fit anyone or toys that seemed to multiply. It dawned on me one day that my friends and neighbors are probably dealing with the same problem, so I decided to start a small business to take some of the load off by literally removing it for them. It's my desire to provide you with a simple solution for removing those unwanted items as well as delivering landscaping and garden soil to those wanting to beautify their homes.

Thank you for stopping by!